About Simple Home

Xtreme’s Simple Home Automated Control is a line of easy to use, plug and play devices. Each is easy to install with QR code and Simple Home App. It works with your existing Wi-Fi Router to keep you connected with ease and does not require additional services. Link all your Simple Home devices within the App and control them from anywhere in the world! Setting schedules to power on/off or automate them to turn on when sensors are triggered. Whichever way you use them will allow for a convenient and more efficient way to control your home anytime, anywhere!


Simple Experience

Power on your Simple Home device and download the app on any smartphone. Once completed simply scan the QR code to link your product to the app. You are now ready to monitor and control your home from anywhere. The Simple Home App is free and can be downloaded on multiple devices for convenience. Choose amongst all your Simple Home products to set on timers, schedules and group them.

about us
  • All of our products are Plug and Play, no installation required
  • Easy to install and set up in less than 2 minutes, using QR Codes
  • Works with your existing Wi-Fi Router
  • Toll free customer support number
  • No monthly service charges
  • Simple to understand products & app

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