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8-05106-20118-0 - XWS7-1001-WHT

$64.99 $39.99

Easily turn off any appliance that has been accidentally left powered on via the Simple Home App using your existing Wi-Fi network (NO HUB NEEDED). Power your devices from anywhere in the world. Access and control your entire home with multiple smart Wi-Fi wall outlets.

  • Remotely control devices via App anywhere in the world from any smartphone
  • Set weekly schedules to have devices turned off when you are not home
  • Never be worried about leaving appliances on
  • Connects easily to your Wi-Fi network for a Simple experience
  • Light indicator on outlet lets you know it is on and connected
  • Includes a manual power button with light indicator
  • No hub required, works off your existing Wi-Fi network


Product Description

Q: How do I add a new device into the app?
A: On the “All Devices” screen press the + sign at the bottom.

Q: How do I locate the QR code to set up my device?
A: Located on a hangtag inside the box and on the actual product

Q: What are ‘Groups’?
A: Groups are a way for you to group items together. Examples of groups could be; Upstairs, Outside, Kitchen, Playroom, Bedroom, Vacation Home…

Q: Can I combine devices from my different homes in one app?
A: Yes! If you are putting devices in different geographical locations then you can access them all within the Simple Home App without switching between locations. Here is a good place to use groups to separate the different locations, like Home and Vacation Home.

Q: What are ‘Favorites”?
A: Favorites are where you can have the devices you use the most show up. To add a device to a favorite, simply press the little star on the device screen.

Q: How to see more options and settings for the plugs?
A: Press the 3 little dots in a circle on the bottom right corner of the wall plug bar.

Q: What are ‘Actions’?
A: Actions are our way of saying “If this happens then that happens.” An example would be: If the motion detector detects motion, then the LED should turn on.

Q: What are ‘Schedules”?
A: Schedules is where you can view and make schedules for your wall plugs and LED’s to turn on and off.

Q: What does it mean when LED on items blink?
A: If the button is blinking white slowly your device is disconnected. When the light blinks quickly, your device is connecting to WiFi. When it is fully connected the light will stay on.

Q: How do I get more help?
A: We are always here to help! Email us at or call our customer service at 855-999-8041