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8-05106-20212-5 - XCS7-1003-WHT

$164.99 $149.00

Weatherproof outdoor camera can withstand rain, snow, dust, and wind. Keep your home safe and secure inside and out. Can be set to record 24/7 or just when motion is detected.

  • Control, stream, and playback videos via app from anywhere
  • Records video at 720 HD quality and 107° field of view
  • IP-65 weatherproof, protects against wind, rain, dust, and snow
  • Infrared for night time use
  • Records in segments w/ automatic recycling & built in 8GB Memory
  • Includes wall plug adapter and 5ft cord (Camera must be plugged in at all times)
  • No hub required, works off your existing Wi-Fi network


Product Description


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Q: How do I add a new device into the app?
A: On the “All Devices” screen press the + sign at the bottom.

Q: How do I locate the QR code to set up my device?
A: Located on a hangtag inside the box and on the actual product

Q: What are ‘Groups’?
A: Groups are a way for you to group items together. Examples of groups could be; Upstairs, Outside, Kitchen, Playroom, Bedroom, Vacation Home…

Q: Can I combine devices from my different homes in one app?
A: Yes! If you are putting devices in different geographical locations then you can access them all within the Simple Home App without switching between locations. Here is a good place to use groups to separate the different locations, like Home and Vacation Home.

Q: What are ‘Favorites”?
A: Favorites are where you can have the devices you use the most show up. To add a device to a favorite, simply press the little star on the device screen.

Q: How to see more options and settings for the camera?
A: Press the 3 little dots in a circle at the top right corner of the specific camera’s photo.

Q: What are ‘Actions’?
A: Actions are our way of saying “If this happens then that happens.” An example would be: If the motion detector detects motion, then the LED should turn on.

Q: What are ‘Schedules”?
A: Schedules is where you can view and make schedules for your wall plugs and LED’s to turn on and off.

Q: How do I get more help?
A: We are always here to help! Email us at or call our customer service at 855-999-8041